Now that the busy holiday is over, it’s time to begin considering gardening again. Unless you live someplace warm, you won’t be digging in the gardens whenever quickly. However there are several things you can do now to start preparing for spring.

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Winter season garden area

Design a brand-new garden space– Now is a good time to begin planning next years gardens. Start gathering concepts by browsing online or in publications and books for ideas. You can also start a list of all the plants you want to contribute to your gardens this year, and start preparing where you’ll put them.
Plot out your vegetable garden– Take the stress out of planting your veggie garden by plotting it out ahead of time. Plan to group vegetable plants by household (cabbage, nightshade, etc) to make crop rotation easier. Why stop at the vegetable garden? You can make a similar map for annual and perennial gardens too.

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Illustration of plan for veggie garden
Order your seeds– Decide what seeds you’re going to begin this year and buy them now. Sort through your seeds from previous years and throw out any that are more than 3 years of ages. Read the directions on the packets so you can prepare when each kind of seed should be started inside; generally it’s 6-8 weeks before last frost.
Prepare for starting seeds inside your home– Pull your lights and other seed beginning devices out of storage, and make certain everything is in working order. Serialize seed flats and trays to prevent damping off of seedlings. Disinfect them by soaking in one part bleach to 9 parts water option. Do not forget to buy your seed starting mix now, before the rush.

Serializing seed flats and trays.
Start winter sowing– It’s too early to start sowing seeds inside your home, however you can start winter sowing as soon as the temperature stays regularly listed below freezing. Winter season sowing is a method of sowing seeds outside throughout the winter, and it’s easy. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty in the dead of winter season, and get a get on beginning your seeds.

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Winter sown containers
Secure your gardens during snow removal– Garden plants can be sensitive to the chemicals utilized on roads and walkways throughout the winter season. Secure your garden areas by tossing chemical filled snow onto the lawn, not the gardens. Usage chemical deicers sparingly, this will assist to reduce damage to your lawn and gardens. Read all of my Garden-Safe Snow Removal Tips To Prevent Salt Damage To Plants.
Get your devices prepared for spring– Beat the rush by having your mower and other devices serviced or repaired now. This is also a fun time to tidy, hone and arrange your garden tools– and wash your gardening gloves.

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Gardening gloves headed to the wash
Start a lasagna garden– If you’re preparing to add a new garden location this year, start now with a lasagna garden. This is an approach used to start a brand-new garden area by layering natural material on top of sod or weeds. If you start it now, it’ll be ready to plant by spring.
Do some light garden cleanup– Now is not the time for pruning or digging, however you can do some light garden clean-up throughout the winter season. You can eliminate dead plant material from the garden beds and pick up leaves that are left over from fall. Toss them into your compost bin, or utilize them to mulch around perennials.
Winter season can be a great break from the busy gardening season. But if you resemble me, winter seasons tend to drag out forever and make you long for spring. I hope this list has given you some concepts that will keep you busy with gardening tasks this winter, and assist it pass faster.

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Summer garden area

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