I compost year round, regardless of the weather condition. Here in Minnesota, our winters are looooooong. If I only composted during the nice months, I would only be composting half the year.

O12 / Pixabay

Me trudging through the snow with the compost
Ever since I started composting a couple of years back, it’s tough to get rid of any compostable products.

It’s such an embarassment to squander it by just throwing it in the trash or down the garbage disposal.

pixel2013 / Pixabay

Garden compost buckets on deck
So in 2015, I kept composting through the winter season.

I keep a number of pails in the evaluated in patio to dump things in.

It freezes out there, so they do not get smelly.

Antranias / Pixabay

Compost tossed into the bin
When they’re full, I trudge out to the garden and dispose them in the garden compost bin.

Then I will cover all of it with snow.

The bin is quite full by the time spring rolls around, which offers me an excellent dive start for my summer composting.

dmoreaurh / Pixabay

Garden compost bin covered with snow

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